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Best Time to Visit Goa

Best Time to Visit Goa – Though Goa is an all-year round tourist destination, the place has its peak tourist season and lean tourist season. Generally, the best time to visit Goa is from October to February. Romance is in the air during this time of the year in Goa and the place is frequented by many couples, especially those who are on their honeymoon. These months coincide with the winter season in Goa. Winters in Goa are very mild and are marked by bright clear skies. The state receives very little rainfall during this period.

Goa is at its liveliest during the winter season and attracts tourist from all over the world. The pleasant weather during this part of the year is one of the main reasons for the jump in tourist traffic. Even during the winter season, the period from mid-December to mid-January is the peak tourist season. Goa is one of the hottest new-year tourist destinations in India and the tourist footfall increases manifolds in the week between Christmas and New Year. Many popular celebrities celebrate their new years eve in Goa and the hotel rates are at their maximum during this time of year. Every year in February a carnival is held in Goa. This is the ideal time to indulge in fun and frolic and to soak in a bit of Goan culture.

The period from March to May coincides with the summer season in Goa. The season is characterized by hot and humid weather, with maximum temperatures touching 35°C. The beaches are empty and the tourist inflow is very lean. Though this is not the ideal time to visit Goa, the season has one positive dimension. The hotel rates are their lowest during the summer season in Goa and you can plan a trip without burning a hole in your pocket.

The monsoon arrives in Goa in early June and continues till the end of September. Monsoon season is characterized by abundant rainfall and brings much needed respite from the oppressive heat. Though the sea is very rough and it’s not advisable to visit beaches during this period, monsoon season has its own unique charm. The whole countryside turns lush green and the air is clean and crisp. Monsoons offer another side of Goa, which is rarely seen.