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Gujarat tour package offers you a trip to temples, wildlife and pilgrimage places. Explore various colors of Gujarat in this tour package.

Gujarat Tour

Destinations Covered: Ahmedabad - Modhera - Patan - Lothal - Vadodara - Diu - Sasangir - Somnath - Dwarka - Jamnagar - Pirotan Island - Bhuj - Mandvi - Little Rann of Kutch - Ahmedabad

Gujarat Tour Duration: 15 Nights / 16 Days


Gujarat Tour Package - Not on the regular itinerary of tourists, Gujarat however has as many natural and man-made attractions to offer as any other state of India. The antecedent of the Konark temple at Modhera and the unique step wells, the excavated sites of the ancient Harappan civilization, the sacred pilgrimages at Somnath and Dwarka and India's only marine national park are some of the surprises Gujarat throws up for tourists.

Day 01: Ahmedabad
Arrive in Ahmedabad and check into hotel.
Ahmedabad is Gujarat's commercial hub, and ex-capital, till Gandhinagar was planned 32 km from the city on the west bank of the Sabarmati River.
Afternoon, proceed to Gandhinagar, to visit Akshardham Temple. This temple has been built by the Swaminarayan sect who deployed 1000 artisans and 6000 tonnes of sandstone in its construction.
Return to Ahmedabad for night stay.

Day 02: Ahmedabad - Modhera - Patan
After an early breakfast, depart for Modhera, 102 km from Ahmedabad.
The magnificent Sun Temple predates the one in Konark and has suffered the attack from Mahmud of Ghazni. Rich carvings from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata can be seen here.
Proceed to Patan approximately 30 km from here to visit the amazingly beautiful Rani ka Vav. The ancient capital of Patan was also destroyed by Mahmud of Ghazni, but this step well remains to tell the story of the city's glorious times.
Return to Ahmedabad for night stay.

Day 03: Ahmedabad - Lothal
Early morning, depart for Lothal, 85 km from Ahmedabad.
The visit will take you back 5000 years and reveal the technical prowess of the Indus Valley Civilization. The highlight here is the tidal dock yard with a complicated lock-gate system. Findings suggest links with ports of Mesopotamia, Persia and Egypt.
Enroute, visit Adalaj Wav, 19 km. This is the finest of Gujarat's step wells, built by Queen Rudabai in 1499. It rests on a platform supported by 16 pillars, and has stone carvings that speak of the lifestyle of the times.
Return to Ahmedabad for night stay.

Day 04: Ahmedabad - Vadodara
Travel by train to Vadodara, 107 km.
Visit Champaner and Pavagadh, 47 km,
Champaner is a World Heritage site dating back to the 8th century when the Chauhan Rajputs ruled from here. The site is still undergoing excavation and a host of interesting structures have been discovered. Mosques built in the Indo-Islamic style are the major attractions in Champaner. Pavagadh has ancient temples that were built in the 11th century. The Kalika Mata temple is one of the notable pilgrimages in Gujarat where a month long festival is celebrated in March/April.
Return to Vadodara for night stay.

Day 05: Vadodara - Bhavnagar
After breakfast, depart for Bhavnagar, 300 km by road, 5 hrs.
Arrive in Vadodara and check into hotel.
After lunch, visit the Shatrunjaya temples. 863 Jain temples were built here on a plateau over a period 900 years. The hilltop is walled, and the temples are divided into nine temples, each with a central temple. Date back to 11th century, and some were destroyed by Muslim invaders. To get there, you need to trek 2 ½ km up a hill, or 3200 steps.
Overnight stay in Bhavnagar.

Day 06: Bhavnagar - Velavadar National Park
Visit Velavadar National Park, 65 km north of Bhavnagar.
This 34 sq. km park has approximately 3500 black bucks sharing space with antelopes and a variety of birds.
Return to Bhavnagar and proceed for a night journey by road to Diu, which could take up to 7 hours.

Day 07: Bhavnagar - Diu
Arrive in Diu.
Enjoy the peaceful environs of this seaside town at leisure.
Diu's white beaches are a welcome change for the city folk of Bhavnagar. This ex- Portuguese colony has churches and a Portuguese fort. Enjoy the fine fish delicacies and the beaches at Sunset Point, Gomptimata, Jalandhar, Chakratirth and Nagoa.
Overnight stay in Diu.

Day 08: Diu - Sasangir -Veraval
Take the train from Delvada Station, 8 km from Diu to Gir. Train departs at 8:10 am and reaches Gir at 9:50 am. Diu - Sasangir 100 km by road.
Arrive in Sasan Gir and check into hotel.
1400 sq km of the Sasan Gir sanctuary is spread over undulating forested countryside, and is home to more than 325 Asiatic lions.
Take a jeep safari into the park for almost sure sightings of the lions. Also visit the Crocodile Breeding Farm which has crocodiles of all ages and sizes numbering at least 100.
Evening, proceed to Veraval, 40 km.
Arrive in Veraval, check into hotel for night stay.

Day 09: Veraval - Somnath - Veraval
After breakfast, depart for the famous Somanth Temple, 6 km east of Veraval.
Situated by the sea, Somnath is a magnificent temple which suffered a series of devastating attacks by Mahmud of Ghazni and other Muslim rulers, including Aurangzeb. The temple's original glory was restored in 1950 by S.V.Patel. The Bhalka Tirth, Triveni Tirth, Surya Mandir, Ahilya Mandir and the Prabas Pata Museum are other attractions in Somnath.
Return to Veraval for night stay.

Day 10: Veraval - Dwarka
Early morning, depart for Dwarka by road 220 km, via Porbandar or take any of the trains that terminate at Okha.
On the tip of the Kathiawar Peninsula, Dwarka is the holy capital of Lord Krishna. The awesome Dwarkadhish temple is a five storeyed structure with rich carvings that rise to170 ft. The original temple is believed to be submerged off the coast. Bet Dwarka, or Bet Shankhodhara is the legendary residence of Lord Krishna and situated in the Gulf of Kutch and can be accessed by ferry from the jetty at Okha. Krishna's consort, Rukmini has also been honoured here with a beautiful temple.
A lovely beach, coral reefs and dolphins, turtles and octopus are the natural attractions to look out for.

Day 11: Dwarka - Jamnagar
Depart in the morning for Jamnagar by train, or by road 125 km 2 ½ hrs.
Arrive in Jamnagar and check into hotel.
Visit the Marine National Park, a stretch of 42 islands circled by coral reefs and rich in marine and bird life.
Pirotan Island is 12 nautical miles from Bedi port and it's a 2 hr boat ride through mangroves from here. Look out for dolphins and exotic birds and take a walk on the corals.
The tides play a vital role in enabling a trip to Pirotan, so check with the operator. If conditions are not feasible, take a trip to Narara Island, 60 km from Jamnagar. You may also check with your operator for a sailing trip to Mandvi. If conditions do not permit the cruise to Mandvi, return to Jamnagar for the night.

Day 12: Jamnagar - Bhuj
Depart early for a 7 hour journey, 250 km by road to Bhuj.
Arrive in Bhuj and check into hotel.
Evening at leisure, or shopping. Bhuj is the capital of Kutch district and known for exotic handicrafts and embroidered textiles.
Night stay in Bhuj.

Day 13: Bhuj - Local Sightseeing / Dholavira
Depart early if you wish to visit the ancient site of the Indus Valley Civilization, 7 hrs from Bhuj. Dholavira is still undergoing excavation, and is a fascinating place to visit. You need to get back the same day as there's no accommodation available there.
For local sightseeing, there's the Swaminarayan Temple, the Kutch Museum, the Folk Museum and the Sarad Bagh Palace to visit. The village of Hodka is a must-see, 50 km from Bhuj, where you can observe the lifestyle of the rural folk from close quarters.
Return to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 14: Bhuj - Mandvi - Bhuj - Ahmedabad
After breakfast, depart for Mandvi, 55 km, 2 hours by road.
Arrive in Mandvi, check into hotel.
Visit the lovely Vijay Vilas Palace and the beautiful beach.
Late evening, board train/bus for Ahmedabad.

Day 15: Ahmedabad
Arrive in Ahmedabad. Proceed to your next destination.


Day 15: Ahmedabad - Little Rann Sanctuary
Arrive in Ahmedabad, early morning.
After breakfast, leave for Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary, approx 100 km.
This saline desert is the home of the endangered Wild Ass and a large number of birds, especially flamingoes. The other wildlife attractions include the Gazelle, Blue Bull, Wolf, Indian Foxes, Jackal, Jungle Cat and Hare. The Rann undergoes a brief transformation into a coastal wetland after the rains and is a unique landscape with no parallel anywhere in the world.
Return to Ahmedabad for night stay.

Day 16: Ahmedabad - Onward Destination
Check out of hotel in time for train or flight to onward destination.
Tour Ends.

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