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//How to Reach Kumbhalgarh
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How to Reach Kumbhalgarh

How to reach Kumbhalgarh by Road, Rail and Air

How to reach Kumbhalgarh by Road, Rail and Air? Getting to Kumbhalgarh is made easy and fast through modern means of road, rail and air transport. Reaching Kumbhalgarh by Road is now easier and faster. Nowadays, reaching any tourist destination from anywhere in India or abroad is easy for that matter.

How to reach Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is famous for the exquisite and architecturally brilliant Kumbhalgarh Fort. The city is fortified within an amazingly 38 kilometre long thick wall that is the world’s second largest wall. The grandeur of the fort has spread its aura all across the globe. The fort with its rich historical essence has been declared as a World Heritage Site. Kumbhalgarh therefore draws a huge crowd all through the year. Tourists from all over the world visit this ethnic-flavoured city of Rajasthan to witness the architectural marvel and gape at its magnanimity.

Getting to Kumbhalgarh is easy as it is strategically located with the closest airport at Dabok just at a distance of 85 kms, major and the closest railway station is at Falna is at a distance of 49 kms and well connected by roads with the major cities all around. It takes approximately 2.5 hours via RJ SH 16 or NH 162 Ext. The rates would vary from INR 1000 on the cheaper side and 1500 to 1800 INR on the higher side. The nearest airport and the closest railway station are both well connected to the city. Getting to Kumbhalgarh can be planned depending on the place from where you are travelling. The easiest and cheapest means of travel can be chalked out after acquiring information about the connectivity of Kumbhalgarh via air, road and railway.

Rajasthan State Government runs plenty of buses that can be boarded at convenience to reach the city. Udaipur is another major city that is located at a distance of 85 kilometres from Kumbhlagarh and is a lot frequented by tourists. Maharana Pratap Airport at Dabok in Udaipur is the nearest airport to Kumbhalgarh. The airport is well connected to Kumbhalgarh by road. Taxis ply and take about 2 hours to reach Kumbhalgarh.

By Air

Tourists from all across the country as well as from foreign countries visit Kumbhalgarh through all seasons. Kumbhalgarh does not an airport of its own. The closest airport to Kumbhalgarh is at Dabok that is situated in Udaipur at a distance of 94 kms. From Dabok Airport hire a taxi that charges around INR 1600 and takes approximately 2 hours to reach Kumbhalgarh. The route is via NH 58 to NH 162 EX.


Kumbhalgarh is equally accessible from other major cities or popular tourist destinations of Rajasthan such as Delhi, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and Pushkar by road.

From Ajmer: Road distance would be 217 kms and would take 3 hours 47 minutes via NH 58. It would again take 4 hours 48 minutes via Beawar and Pindwara Road for a distance of 284 kms. It would be 5 hours via an alternative route, that is, Ajmer Road and NH 758. The closest airport from Ajmer would be Jaipur. SpiceJet, Jet Airways and Air India fly regular flights Between Jaipur and Udaipur, the closet air head from Kumbhalgarh. Trains can be availed till Falna to reach Kumbhalgarh.

From Jaipur: SpiceJet, Jet Airways and Air India fly regular flights Between Jaipur and Udaipur, the closest airport from Kumbhalgarh. Road distance would be 345 kms and would take 5 hours 39 minutes via NH 48 and NH 58. It would again take 6 hours 29 minutes via NH 48 for a distance of 389 kms. The time taken would be 6 hours 42 minutes via Beawar-Pindwara Road.

From Udaipur: Udaipur is approximately 85 kms away. It has the closest airport at Dabok. Udaipur is connected to the major Indian cities through its domestic airport. Road distance is 84 via the shortest route through Maharana Pratap Marg.

From Pushkar: Pushkar is approximately 232 kms away. The easiest connectivity is by road. It takes around 5.5 hours to reach Kumbhalgarh via Beawar-Pindar Road or alternatively via Ajmer Road and NH 758.

From Jodhpur: Distance between Jodhpur and Kumbhalgarh is 177 kms. Government and private buses ply at regular intervals. Cabs can be easily hired and self-drive option can be availed. Flights between Kumbhalgarh and Jodhpur also take an hour to reach. Train travel takes approximately 2 hours to cover the distance. Trains can be availed to Khimel.

From Delhi: Different categories of buses ply at regular intervals between Delhi and Kumbhalgarh. The distance is about 614 kms and takes a little less than 10 hours. One can comfortably travel the distance by hired cab or self-drive. By train it would take 8 hrs to Khimel railway station close to Kumbhalgarh. By air, there are flights from Delhi to Udaipur and takes just an hour to reach the Dabok Airport.

From Mumbai: There are frequent buses from Mumbai o Kumbhalgarh. The distance is approximately 844 kms. The journey would take approximately 14.5 hours.  There are trains plying between Mumbai and Kumbhalgarh. It takes about 12 hours to reach Khimel a railway station nearby Kumbhalgarh. Or you can take a flight to Udaipur and take a cab to Kumbhalgarh.

From Ahmedabad: The nearest International Airport to Kumbhalgarh is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport of Ahmedabad. It takes approximately 5 hours to drive down to Kumbhalgarh.

 By Train

The railway station that is closest to Kumbhalgarh is the Falna railhead located approximately 80 km away. Falna being a junction railway station is connected well to the other major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Ajmer, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Jodhpur. Hired taxis ply regularly from Falna to Kumbhalgarh making commutation easy and comfortable. Other close railways stations to Kumbhalgarh are Rajsamand, Khimel and Rani.

 By Road

Rajasthan State Transport runs buses connecting the major cities of the state. These buses stop over at Kumbhalgarh en route to other places. Kumbhalgarh is connected to other major towns of Udaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar and Jodhpur by state run buses that ply frequently and regularly. Nathdwara or Shrinathji bus stop is 36 kms from Kumbhlgarh. Rani is located 50 kms away and takes 1 hour to reach Kumbhalgarh by road.

 Reaching Kumbhalgarh from Udaipur

Reaching Kumbhalgarh from Udaipur is nowadays easy and fast. Hassle-free commutation can be achieved through pre-paid taxis that charge around INR 1600 from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh. The Maharana Pratap Airport at Dabok in Udaipur is around 66 kms and is an international airport. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach Kumbhalgarh. Udaipur is an attractive tourist place in itself and can be set as a base to visit the nearby hidden treasures of Rajasthan. It is well connected by roads, railways and air to all major cities of India. Mount Abu, Kumbhalgarh, Chittorgarh via NH 76, Ahmedamad via NH8 and Rajsamand in Gujarat, Delhi and Mumbai by NH8 are some important destinations that can be covered from Udaipur. Air connectivity with Udaipur from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Jodhpur is currently available and served by three airlines presently, namely, SpiceJet, Jet Airways and Air India. There are daily and regular flights throughout the day for the guests to choose the one that suits them best.